Privacy Policy

The company may collect personal data for various purposes. Due to the nature of the business, we collect a number of personal information (such as name-surname, company information, telephone, address or e-mail addresses) of individuals by filling out various forms and surveys on the site or membership.

The company may send information, promotions, promotions, etc. about new organizations, products, etc. to its customers and members in certain periods.

The company is committed to keeping confidential information strictly private and confidential, considering it a confidentiality obligation, and taking all necessary precautions and diligence to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to prevent all or any part of confidential information from entering the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party. commits to show

The company will not disclose personal information transmitted by users through the site to third parties.

This personal information; It contains all kinds of other information to identify the User, such as name-surname, address, telephone number, mobile phone, e-mail address, and will be referred to as "Confidential Information" for short.

The user can only use promotions, advertisements, campaigns, promotions, announcements, etc. The Company accepts and declares that it consents to the sharing of its communication, portfolio status and demographic information with its subsidiaries or group companies to which it is affiliated, limited to its use within the scope of marketing activities.

This personal information can be used to determine the customer profile within the company, to offer promotions and campaigns suitable for the customer profile, and to carry out statistical studies.

The company shall not be liable for unauthorized reading of the information of its users and members, and for any damage to the software and data of users and members in this way.

Users and members have agreed in advance not to claim any compensation from E-Antika Müzayede for any damages they may suffer due to the use of this service.

Confidential Information may only be disclosed to official authorities if this information is duly requested by official authorities and when disclosure to official authorities is obligatory in accordance with the provisions of the applicable mandatory legislation.

In the limited cases specified below, the Company may disclose the information of users to third parties, except for the provisions of this "Privacy Policy".

These cases are limited in number;

Law, Decree-Law, Regulation, etc. To comply with the obligations imposed by the legal rules enacted and in force by the competent legal authority.

To fulfill the requirements of the "Membership Agreement" and other agreements concluded by our store with users and to put them into practice.

3. Requesting information about users for the purpose of conducting an investigation or investigation duly carried out by the authorized administrative and judicial authority.

4. In cases where it is necessary to provide information to protect the rights or security of users.